Michelle Malkin angers McCain family over CPAC speech

Conservative commentator Michelle Malkin gave a buzz worthy speech on immigration at yesterday’s CPAC convention. In the speech, she criticized a whole slew of Republicans including “the ghost of John McCain” for the immigration problems we face in America.

“Both parties are to blame,” she said. “And yes, I’m looking at you, retired Paul Ryan, and yes, I’m looking at you, Mitch McConnell.”

“And yes, I’m looking at you, Bush family, and yes, I’m looking at you, the ghost of John McCain,” she said while gesturing toward the ceiling. That line got a standing room ovation from the crowd and prompted harsh criticism from more moderate conservatives.


McCain’s widow, Cindy, was also not amused by Malkin’s comments, tweeting:

His daughter, Meghan, who is a co-host on ABC’s The View, retweeted her mother’s response as well as CNN’s S.E. Cupp’s response.

Malkin didn’t seem to care what people thought, responding to the critical tweets herself.

Read the full text of her speech here or watch below.

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