Actor Terry Crews stands up for fatherhood, Twitter goes insane

Children need both a mother and a father. However, today’s society likes to denigrate the role of men in raising children.

Why? Well, because if society would admit children need a father-type figure then that would mean women need a man, are dependent on a man. That entire idea of needing a man and that masculinity is necessary flies in the face of today’s conventional thing of the strong, independent woman the media constantly pushes.

Essentially, it would mean they are wrong, that masculinity is not as they like to say, “toxic.”

On Friday, Crews posted a video of himself defending the role of a father and masculinity in raising children on “The View.”


People went absolutely insane after his posting.

However, surprisingly there were some that wholeheartedly agreed with the need of fatherhood, father figure in a child’s life.


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