Video: Jennifer Lawrence explains what’s wrong with politics in Soros funded video

Oscar winning actress and ”Hunger Games” star Jennifer Lawrence has a new project she wants you to watch. And no, it’s not the new X-Men movie. Lawrence is starring in short film called ”Unbreaking America: Solving the Corruption Crisis.”

In the film, Lawrence explains to us what’s wrong with America’s political system, tries to pretend it’s a neutral film, and explains how our democracy can be fixed.

“We are witnessing a total political system failure in America,” she begins. Then goes on to talk about the flaws that exist in our political system “regardless of which party is in power.”

Lawrence laments about how unpopular both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were in the 2016 election then says “America is no longer even considered a full democracy.”

Wait, what? Does Lawrence not know that America has NEVER been a full democracy? We’re actually a constitutional republic but she must have skipped that lesson in history class.

She then goes on for over twelve minutes, talking to us about gerrymandering, how people are leaving the major parties in “droves”, and how special interest groups have more control over our politicians than “we the people.”

Thanks, JLaw!

Did you know that your little documentary was funded by George Soros? If you follow the donor money trail, several of the groups on the list that contributed to this project like the Tides Foundation, are backed by George Soros.

From the Capital Research Center:

Despite the Represent.Us’ vague goal of removing money from politics, the organization is openly funded by proceeds from groups that are notoriously active in funding political advocacy and causes like the Tides FoundationPark FoundationRockefeller Brothers FundSixteen Thirty Fund, and many other left-of-center groups. In 2016 alone, Represent.Us received over $5 million in donor contributions and grants.

Ironically, Represent.Us’ own principles mean these groups shouldpersonify the exact “money in politics” problem Represent.Us claims to fight against.

Each of the foundations and funds listed above have contributed over $100,000 to Represent.Us. Funding from these groups also goes to support the work of Black Lives MatterMedia MattersDemosPlanned Parenthood, and other like minded organizations.

Appreciate the effort, but it seems to me that your project was funded by special interest groups, so that’s pretty problematic, not to mention hypocritical.


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