Virginia first lady accused of giving black students cotton during tours

What in the world is going on in Virginia?

First, their governor, Ralph Northam, endorses infanticide. Then a racist photo is uncovered in his medical school yearbook for which he first apologizes but soon after he takes it back, saying…uh never mind.

Then the Lieutenant Gov. Justin Fairfax is accused of sexual assault by two different women. Not to be outdone by Northam or Fairfax, Virginia’s Attorney General Mark Herring admitted that, yes, he too also wore racist garb back in the day.

Well, if all of that dysfunction wasn’t enough, there’s more. Pamela Northam, Ralph Northam’s wife and first lady of Virginia, is being accused of giving raw cotton to black students as they tour the governor’s mansion.

Apparently, as she gave out the cotton she would then tell the students to imagine they were slaves that had to pick cotton.

And according to the reports, these instances didn’t happened years or even months ago, it reportedly happened mere weeks ago. 

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