VIDEO: Things got heated between Greg Gutfeld and Juan Williams on ‘The Five’

One of Fox News’ most popular program is “The Five,” an hour-long program where some of the network’s most popular personalities provide commentary on the day’s biggest stories.

Normally, the show consists of former “Red Eye” host Greg Gutfeld, Juan Williams, Dana Perino, Jesse Watters and one other interchangeable host.

Most of the time, the five of them are congenial with one another with the occasionally good-natured ribbing. However, on Wednesday’s edition of the popular program, things got a little heated between the show’s lone liberal Williams and Gutfeld.

It happened as they were discussing Cohen’s testimony in front of Congress.

2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Things got heated between Greg Gutfeld and Juan Williams on ‘The Five’”

  1. I love watching the five but I”m losing interest because of Juan Williams . If hes not making negative remarks about Donald Trump or the Republicans he’s snarling his nose up and making faces . I don’t mind hearing is negative remarks once in awhile but it’s every single time and I’m sick of it and so are a lot of other people I think you should get rid of Juan Williams

    1. I am already sick of GREG Gut Field He is a pompous, arrogant, loud mouth! He is too obnoxious and loud for Fox. His long time crush on Dana is obvious. Why would Fox have him on two shows? I have stopped watching The Five as have several of my friends due to Greg’s childish unpolished behavior

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