Popular Humans of New York site posts a #MeToo story from a man’s perspective and people aren’t sure what to think

Humans of New York is a popular page on Facebook that shares real-life stories from people in the city. It’s spawned a book and other similar pages in other towns across America.

Last night, a new post went up that’s raising eyebrows, especially in the #MeToo culture.

An anonymous person shared a story where he cheated with his roommate’s girlfriend – the sex was consensual, but later on, she accused him of rape. He says that accusation ruined his life:

 It felt like my reputation was ruined. It seemed like everyone knew. I got on antidepressants. I went to therapy. I felt hated, not lovable, not welcome in polite society. Nothing I did seemed to matter anymore. Certain pathways in my life seemed completely closed off. I could never be famous. Never a public figure. Never a CEO. The rumor would certainly come out. I had these constant, obsessive thoughts about what I’d do if it ever went public. Would I sue her? Release every communication we’d ever had? Get statements from all my ex-girlfriends? Would I post a long note on Facebook where I admitted to every sin I’ve ever committed? Maybe that would convince people that I’d never lie about this. Would any of these things even matter? Or would it just matter what she said.

The story was also posted on their Twitter and web site and people aren’t sure what to make of it. Believe all women, you know.


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