Florida congressman appears to threaten former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen

Former longtime President Donald Trump lawyer Michael Cohen is set to testify on Capitol Hill this week.

He will be testifying before lawmakers on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  It’s said that Cohen will provide lawmakers information on Trump’s financial dealings as a businessman.

Cohen’s first appearance in front of lawmakers was a closed-door, private session, but Wednesday’s will be a public appearance in front of the House Oversight Committee.

Ahead of Cohen’s public appearance Wednesday, Republican Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz tweeted on Tuesday what appears to be a threat at Trump’s former fixer.


This could easily be described as witness intimidation and/or witness tampering.

Gaetz responded to the controversial tweet by saying, this wasn’t a threat in the slightest. Instead, he calls it “witness testing.”

No matter your opinion on Cohen, this is such a stupid move. Regardless of whether you believe Cohen is credible, why in the world would you ever, ever do something like this?

Late last year, Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison for lying to Congress.

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