Senate votes on, fails to pass Born Alive Abortion Survivor’s Protection Act

On Monday afternoon, the United States Senate took up Sen. Ben Sasse’s Born Alive Abortion Protection bill. The bill provided protections for babies who survive a botched abortion.

However, needing 60 votes to pass the proposed bill, it failed to pass out of the Senate. Instead, the bill failed by a 53-44 vote.

All Republicans voted for the bill except Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who did not vote on the measure.

According to National Review, only three members of the Democratic senators were able to cross over and actually vote to protect babies that survived abortions:

  • Joe Manchin – West Virginia
  • Doug Jones – Alabama
  • Bob Casey Jr. – Pennsylvania

The Democratic Party has really become a party obsessed with abortion and as they showed Monday, that even extends to infanticide.

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