Bernie Sanders campaign raises nearly $6M in first 24 hours

Democratic socialist Bernie Sanders is running for president….again. The 77-year-old is just one of a handful of Democrats who already announced a run for the White House.

Sanders announced his campaign early Tuesday morning, even releasing a video on his social media feeds. The millionaire who owns three homes wants more socialism in the United States, he openly advocates for such policies.

In the first 24 hours after making his announcement, the Vermont Independent senator raised nearly $6M from more than 200,000 contributors.  The massive haul beat the figure raised by media darling Kamala Harris’ campaign in their first 24 hours.

With raising such an impressive amount of money, it’s completely apparent in what direction the Democratic Party and their voters want to take the country.

So, the big question is, when will Bernie be dispersing that money to the masses? Let’s be honest, the democratic socialist doesn’t need all that money, right?

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