Dem Swalwell takes shot at Trump with photo,Twitter hilariously responds

California Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell, like nearly every Democrat, is not a fan of President Trump. Also, like nearly every Democrat, Swalwell is reportedly considering a run for the White House.

Never one to pass up a chance to hit President Donald Trump, Swalwell decided to use Wednesday afternoon to ding the president once again.

For some reason he was in New York City and happened to be in need of coffee but the closest place to get coffee in his current location was in Trump Tower. But being the self-righteous Democrat that he is, he couldn’t stop and grab his cup of joe at that establishment. Instead, Swalwell had to bravely to forge on and …then of course he had to let us know about it.

Twitter responded hilariously, calling out Swalwell for his “bravery” of toughing it out in those harsh, blizzard-like conditions.

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