Ben Shapiro owns liberal feminists on abortion

A tweet from NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand set off a firestorm of tweets after The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro quote tweeted it.

The original tweet from Gillibrand says that running for office is risky and that she’s fighting for paid leave, healthcare and climate action. Shapiro responded with “Yeah, it’s super risky, people hate mothers.”

That did not go over well with Ilyse Hogue, president of the pro-abortion organization NARAL.

Shapiro punched back, telling her she should maybe sit this one out since her organization advocates for killing unborn children.

That made ultra feminist writer Jessica Valenti really mad, so she decided to pile on Shapiro as well, although she didn’t tag Shaprio and warned other Twitter users not to “snitch” on her post. (Probably because she knows she can’t win in a debate with Shapiro)

Townhall contributor Katie York chimed in, making a great point.


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