CBS News reporter Lara Logan: ‘We’ve abandoned all pretense to be objective’

The majority of the media has a bias and overwhelmingly it’s a liberal one.  This is particularly a problem when those media sources try and portray themselves as down the middle.

CBS New reporter recently appeared on a podcast and called out the media for being what they are: overwhelmingly liberal. She goes on to say that anytime you see a story being portrayed as black and white, that it’s usually wrong because, as she puts it, that’s not life, there are shades of grey.

Logan also talks about the media’s coverage of President Trump. Specicifally, she talks about the former editor of the New York Times and their coverage of the president.

Since Logan’s comments about the bias of the media, reports have come out saying that CBS and Logan actually parted way in May of 2018.

Check out her comments about media bias.

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