Amy Klobuchar plays to the center during CNN town hall

Less than two weeks after announcing her campaign for president, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar participated in a town hall meeting, hosted by CNN. With Don Lemon moderating, Klobuchar answered questions from the crowd in New Hampshire and tried to play to a more moderate audience.

Probably the biggest take away from the town hall was Klobuchar’s stance on free college – turns out she is NOT in favor of free college for all and that stance is already causing fury among Democrats.

Based on liberal reactions, if you don’t run on a platform of free college for all, you aren’t a Democrat.

The Senator also addressed the reports that she’s tough to work for, saying “Am I a tough boss sometimes? Yes. Have I pushed people too hard? Yes,” Sen. Amy Klobuchar says about her leadership style. “But I have kept expectations for myself that are very high. I’ve asked my staff to meet those same expectations.”

She also shared some personal moments, when talking about addictions and growing up in a house with an alcoholic father.

She calls the Green New Deal something to work toward and pledges to reenter the Paris Climate Agreement.

And on guns, like many other Democrats, the Senator calls for “common sense gun laws.”


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