Nikki Haley posts photo of panel she appeared on, people freak out

Until a couple of months ago, Nikki Haley was apart of the Trump administration; serving as the ambassador to the United Nations.

Prior to serving in the Trump administration, Haley was a Republican governor of South Carolina and a Republican member of the South Carolina House of Representatives. However, what she did over the weekend will not be tolerated by some.

You see, Haley appeared on the NBA All Stars Newsmakers Breakfast panel. Apparently, it was a policy discussion on the future of our country with other members of the panel being Condolezza Rice, Gayle King, Gen. Martin Dempsey and former CIA Director John Brennan.

Well, this kind of discussion with people who may hold a differing opinion will not be tolerated by some! People began to go after the former Trump administration member for this mortal sin!

And then this guy decided to give his two cents on the matter, which turned out to be totally untrue.

Haley, the former Trump administration official, responded to his accusation.

But apparently that explanation was enough for Mr. Wohl as anything less than total and complete submission to Trump and even talking with those who have a different point of view will not be tolerated!

To be fair, other people did come to Haley’s defense.

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