More than a dozen states file suit to stop emergency declaration

On Friday President Trump declared a national emergency in order to fund his wall on the southern border. Trump will use the emergency declaration to move around billions of dollars to pay for the wall. […]

VIDEO: Kamala Harris says ‘facts still unfolding’ in Jussie Smollett case

Monday on the campaign trail in New Hampshire, Kamala Harris was asked about Jussie Smollett. More specifically, the Democratic presidential candidate was asked if she still stood by a tweet she sent soon after the […]

Hillary Clinton: Here are ‘the real national emergencies’

Hillary Clinton is not the President of the United States, even after two failed attempts. While she’s a two-time presidential loser, there are reports that Clinton may, in fact, be looking to up that number […]

TRAILER: Final season of HBO’s ‘Veep’

Selina Meyer and her incompetent staff are coming back for one more go around. Just in time for Presidents Day, President Selina Meyer welcomed back her fellow Americans as she announced the premiere date for […]