REPORT: Police believe attack on ‘Empire’ actor was staged

Jussie Smollett, an actor on the hit television show “Empire,” said that in Jan. 29 he was attacked by two men in Chicago. Now, it appears that the whole thing may have been staged.

The two men were taken into custody on Wednesday but apparently were released without being charged on Friday. 

Smollett, who is a gay, said two men used homophobic slurs, put a rope on his neck and even poured something thought to be bleach on him. In recounting his story, he said that one of the men who attacked him said “this is MAGA country” before hitting him.

Since that initial report, this story has taken a number of strange twists and turns, including Smollett redacting some information on his phone before involuntarily turning it over to police.  Smollett said he did it in order to protect the privacy of others.

On Thursday, Smollett appeared on “Good Morning America” to talk about the case.

In the interview, Smollett says that he’s been hurt that people would doubt that the attack actually happened.

If this is true and the entire thing was orchestrated in order to look like a hate crime, this guy should spend many, many years in prison. How sick and demented do you have to be to plan something like this?

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