CBS reporter documents shopping trip with Kamala Harris

The job of a reporter is to gather facts on a particular story and then present those facts for the viewers so that they may come to a conclusion. However, when reporters become part of their story (CNN’s Jim Acosta) or become too close their subject, it’s hard to maintain objectivity.

If a reporter appears to have lost objectivity, they have lost all credibility and all of their reporting comes into question. They are no longer a reliable source.

This seems to be the case with CBS reporter Caitlin Huey-Burns, who calls herself a political reporter for that outlet on her Twitter account.

On Saturday, Huey-Burns posted a video of statuses documenting her shopping trip with Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris.

These tweets are troubling for someone who is supposed to remain objective.  How can someone accurately report on a candidate when it appears they are becoming buddy-buddy with subject. In most cases, these tweets probably would’ve resulted in her being fired.

Others also had an issued with her Kamala Harris shopping tweets.


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