William Barr confirmed as US attorney general, Rand Paul votes against Barr

Former Attorney General Bill Barr is now the country’s current Attorney General.

Barr was confirmed Thursday afternoon by what turned out to basically be a 54-45 party line vote. Only one Republican voted against Barr’s confirmation, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.

On Tuesday, Paul announced his intention to vote against Barr’s confirmation on Twitter and explained his vote on Tuesday’s procedural vote to move the nomination forward.

Paul released the following statement explaining his decision:

“I am unable to support Bill Barr’s nomination to be the next Attorney General. While I support President Trump and have supported most of his nominees, I have too many concerns about the record and views of this nominee. Bill Barr was a leading proponent of warrantless surveillance, and his overall record on the Fourth Amendment is troubling to me. I remain concerned that Bill Barr does not agree with our bipartisan efforts to reform our criminal justice system. Finally, Bill Barr has a troubling record on the Second Amendment. For these reasons, I voted today against his nomination for Attorney General.”

However, there were three Democrats who joined Republicans and voted for Barr: 

  • Doug Jones of Alabama
  • Joe Manchin of West Virginia
  • Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona

Additionally, North Carolina Republican Senator Richard Burr did not vote on the confirmation. 


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