Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett goes after NRA

The NRA Annual Convention will be held in Indianapolis this year, but Mayor Joe Hogsett doesn’t have kind words for the organization. When talking about his primary GOP opponent Jim Merritt at the Marion County Democratic Party’s slating convention on Saturday, Hogsett slammed the NRA and it’s members.

From the Indianapolis Star:

Hogsett warned that Merritt takes his “marching orders on gun violence from the NRA.”

“It’s a wonder they didn’t just hold their slating convention and the NRA convention at the same time and save themselves money, time and trouble,” Hogsett said.

Congressmen Andre Carson was also there, saying “When the NRA sends its orders to the Statehouse to deregulate sensible gun laws, it’s Indy that fights back,” he said. “When men in the Statehouse want to regulate the health care of women throughout the state, it’s Indianapolis that fights back.”

The mayor has been very unpopular since taking office, failing to follow through on campaign promises to curb Indy’s homicide rate and shooting epidemic. He also isn’t doing a very good job of fixing the roads – something the New York Times even recognized, calling out the city for having the worst potholes in the Midwest.


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