REPORT: Agreed upon deal provides $1.4B for wall

On Monday night, news broke that Democrat and Republican negotiators had agreed upon on in principle on a deal that would avoid a government shutdown. But at that time we didn’t have many details about the proposed agreement.

Now, those details are starting to come out, including nearly $1.4 billion for President Trump’s much-promised and campaigned on wall on the southern border.  Trump and his administration had demanded nearly $6 billion for his wall.

At this point, it’s unclear if Trump would sign the bill. However, several high profile Fox News commentators are unhappy with the deal, including Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham.

On Monday night, close Trump friend and ally, Hannity, called the compromise “garbage,” saying that “any Republican” who supports it will have to explain.

Ingraham made her thoughts known about the deal known on Twitter Tuesday morning:

With two commentators on the network Trump watches the most saying they are already against the deal, it’s hard to believe the president will ultimately sign it.

If a deal is not agreed upon by Friday, the government shuts down once again.


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