Cory Booker wants to encourage people to become vegan by raising price of meat

Any time I hear of a politician who wants to raise taxes on a product like cigarettes, gas or anything else in order to pay for some big project, I laugh. In fact, there’s an ad airing right now in Indianapolis that says if we increase the cigarette tax, it will help pay for roads and people will stop smoking because of the high cost.


People will not give up what they love or are addicted to just because it costs more.

Cory Booker apparently thinks so though, and told VegNews that “Americans need to be nudged into fake cheese because the planet cannot sustain the “environmental impact” of the food industry.”

He also thinks legislation should be passed that gets rid of “Big Ag” and only letting small to midsized farmers continue to maintain their animal farms. That would drastically raise the price of meat, which he hopes would make people eliminate it from their diet altogether. “To change something, you gotta build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete,” Booker told the site.

Booker also adds:

None of us want our government or elected officials preaching to us and telling us what we can or can’t eat. This is the United States of America, and I, for one, believe in our freedom to choose. So, I don’t want to preach to anybody about their diets; that’s just not how I live.

And I remember when I was running for mayor of Newark, a friend of mine who is a Black guy, grew up in an African American community, and he was just laughing at me and goes, “You know, I don’t know if any African American community is going to elect a guy that doesn’t eat ribs.” This was when I was vegetarian. I laughed, you know, and I said, “You know, the great thing about Newark and the great thing about Americans is folks just want to feel you. They want to know your heart and they want to know your spirit, know that you come at it with good intentions.”



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