Dem presidential candidate Klobuchar accused of mistreating Senate staff

Minnesota Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar announced her campaign for president Sunday afternoon in Minneapolis.  However, before Sunday’s announcement, she was dealing with a controversy.

Politico published a report stating that Klobuchar isn’t exactly the nicest boss to her staff.  The story says staff would receive demeaning emails and be asked to carry out personal errands for Klobuchar. Even in some cases, office supplies were thrown.

The Huffington Post, which is not exactly the most conservative outlet in the world, also reported on these allegations and her reputation has actually her hurt her ability to hire staff for her presidential campaign.

Of course Klobuchar and her staff have denied these allegations, but it is interesting to note that she has had the highest staff turnover of anyone in the U.S. Senate. 

Klobuchar responded Monday on “Good Morning America” to the reports of her mistreatment of staff.

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