Chris Pratt gets scolded by Ellen Page because he attends church

Actor Chris Pratt seems like an outstanding guy and is very open about his faith and how God has had a positive impact on his life. Recently, he was on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert talking about that faith again.

Pratt discusses a recent fast he did through his church called “The Daniel Fast.” Inspired by his pastor to eat like Daniel in the Bible, Pratt gave up meats, sugar and alcohol and only ate fruits, vegetables and unleaven bread for twenty-one days.

Pratt also encourages people to go “check out the Book of Daniel.”

Apparently that didn’t sit well with actress Ellen Page, who started church shaming Pratt on Twitter.

Page has  also been in the news recently for her comments about Vice President Mike Pence being to blame for the attack on LGBTQ actor Jussie Smollett.

People didn’t care for her attacking Pratt and rushed to defend the actor.




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