Cory Booker supports ‘Green New Deal,’ compares it to defeating Nazis, going to the moon

New Jersey Democrat Cory Booker is running for president so that means his pandering is going to become even more present and visible.

Booker, looking to drum up support for his presidential aspirations, is in Iowa talking to crowds and meeting voters. While talking to one crowd, Spartacus got particularly emotional and when talking about the “Green New Deal” appeared to be on the verge of tears at one point.

Booker made it clear that he supports the extremely liberal, idiotic bill with such proposals as making air travel obsolete, upgrading ever single building in the country and providing the economic security for those who are unwilling or unable to work for themselves.

During his speech about the environmental bill, Booker went super emotional and patriotic. He mentions that he knows the ideas and proposals in the bill are far fetched, he understands that, but that doesn’t stop him from embarrassing himself.

Booker actually compares implementing and achieving everything in the “Green New Deal” to American going to the moon and the defeating the Nazis during WWII.

Check out Booker’s embarrassing moment:


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