Cambridge professor protests Brexit by going naked

This is a weird story, folks. And I won’t link the original Tweets because they are extremely NSFW. But you can seek them out on your own if you wish. For some reason, Twitter is allowing this woman to post videos and tweets where she is COMPLETELY NUDE. Not sure how that doesn’t violate their terms of service!

Dr. Victoria Bateman, who works for Cambridge as an economic fellow and according to her bio, has written on “economics, history & feminism for CapX, UnHerd & Bloomberg View”, is protesting Brexit in Britain by giving lectures and walking around in public in the nude.

From Inside Higher Ed:

“Freedom is at the root of both my opposition to Brexit and my feminist activism,” she said. Bateman has spent much of her career “trying to work out the recipe for economic prosperity” and has come to see the key as “a free, tolerant and open society.” With Brexit, “the type of society many people have voted for — one that is, for example, unwelcoming to immigrants — is one that will likely feed back to cause real harm to the economy.” Yet it was “also a feminist issue,” most obviously because an economic downturn might well lead to “cutbacks to childcare services and social care.”

So why go nude? Because she feels that Brexit will leave Britain naked.

Along with amusement and mockery, Bateman acknowledged that she has “encountered lots of genuine anger and hostility online, but also in person from one or two senior female economists — including when I protested naked against sexism in economics at an economics conference last year. Some women believe that by using your body as a form of protest, you are doing a disservice to other women.

“I very much disagree. Women’s bodies are one of the big battlegrounds we face today, whether in terms of women’s access to birth control, sex workers’ rights or clothing, including burka bans … By covering up the body, these problems don’t go away. Instead, we fail to address them because we think of the body as something that’s embarrassing and not to be talked about in polite — or academic — company.”

It was also crucial, in Bateman’s view, to put “the concept ‘my body, my choice’ … at the heart of feminism. That requires women being tolerant of other women making choices about their bodies that differ from their own. When I protest naked, it seems to bring to the surface a lot of intolerance and hypocrisy in regard to ‘my body, my choice’ — and it’s that same intolerance to women who make choices about their bodies that are different from our own that is driving, for example, some feminist groups to recommend polic[ies] that [harm] the livelihoods of voluntary sex workers.”

She’s challenged those in favor of Brexit to nude debates, but so far no one is taking her up on it.




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