NFL player Ben Watson appears on Fox News, speaks out against abortion

Abortion is a hot-button, polarizing issue. There are few topics that raise blood pressures and lead to arguments like the murdering of the unborn.

Lately, though, it has become even more prominent as the state of New York legalized abortion right up until the birth of child in the name of women’s health care and other states such as Vermont, Rhode Island and Virginia considering similar such legislation.

Thankfully, while notable politicians are pushing abortion on demand legislation, others are starting to push back against this movement and standing up for the rights of those who are unable to speak for themselves.

One of those people making the case for life in Benjamin Watson. Watson is an NFL tight end, a Super Bowl champion and unabashedly pro-life.

Watson recently appeared on “The Story with Martha MacCallum” to make the case for life. During his segment with MacCallum, Watson made some excellent points on the topic of abortion. In addition, he recognized that we’re in “an age of abortion on demand and relativism” He goes on to call abortion “the ultimate form of sexism” because if men were truly acting as men in our society, not all of these women opting for abortion would feel that’s their only option.

Check out Watson’s defense of the unborn:

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