WATCH: Pacers’ fans hilariously chant, taunt Lakers

In sports, much like in politics, there are polarizing figures.

Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and Floyd Mayweather Jr. are just a few such sports figures that immediately come to mind.  Whether it’s because fans hate, but respect them or it’s just a case of pure unbridled hatred, sports fans take their sports seriously and personally.

Easily the most polarizing figure in the National Basketball Association is Lakers forward LeBron James. Now, James is easily the best player in the world, but he does have the habit of changing teams in order to chase championships.

He’s gone from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Miami Heat back to the Cavs and to the Los Angeles Lakers, the team for which he currently plays.

In addition to changing teams, another irritating habit James has is acting as a team’s player-general manger. James essentially calls the shots when it comes to player personnel, basically whomever James wants on his team, he eventually gets. Well, the Indiana Pacers recently played the Los Angeles Lakers in Indianapolis and the fans at Bankers Life Fieldhouse made this fact known during a hilarious chant.

While Lakers center Brandon Ingram and guard Kyle Kuzma were shooting free throws, Pacers fans began chanting “LeBron will trade you.”

When it came to JaValee McGee, Pacers fans went with a different chant.

Oh yeah, the Pacers beat the Lakers by 42, LeBron’s worst loss a professional.


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