VIDEO: DNC Chair Tom Perez says ‘a vote for Howard Schultz is a vote for Donald Trump’

The Democrats are scared to death that former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz  is going to run for president as an Independent.

At this point, Schultz and not the Democrats’ candidates and their pie-in-the-sky astronomically expensive policy positions are the what they fear. How unbelievable is that?

DNC Chair Tom Perez made the Democrats’ fears well known, saying that Schultz will do nothing but play the role of spoiler and put Donald Trump back in the White House. He goes on to say that a vote for Schultz is a vote for Donald Trump.

Perez was in Indiana where he made his comments.

I’ve never ascribed to this idiotic idea. Not only that, who do the Democrats believe they are that they just get a certain percentage of people’s votes just because they exist?

Why shouldn’t Schultz run? More voices should always be welcomed, right? That goes for Republicans, Democrats, Independents, whoever. Why shouldn’t we hear different ideas, from different people?

Schultz will be in Indiana on Thursday, giving a policy presentation at Purdue University.



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