Elizabeth Warren apologizes for identifying as a Native American

Remember how Sen. Elizabeth Warren maintained she never used Native American status to gain employment or further her career at Harvard? In 2018, she even told the Boston Globe this:

“You have what I have,” Warren said, pledging that she had turned over every record in her possession about her years as a teacher at five different law schools and a stint visiting at another. “My family is my family, but my background played no role in my getting hired anywhere.”

The Globe closely reviewed the records, verified them where possible, and conducted more than 100 interviews with her colleagues and every person who had a role in hiring decisions about Warren who could be reached. In sum, it is clear that Warren was viewed as a white woman by the hiring committees at every institution that employed her.

Well, now the Massachusetts senator is having to apologize after a form that she filled out for the State Bar of Texas has surfaced and clearly shows she did, in fact, claim American Indian heritage.

Warren told the Washington Post, “I can’t go back. But I am sorry for furthering confusion on tribal sovereignty and tribal citizenship and harm that resulted.”

Her spokesperson Kristen Orthman added, “She is sorry that she was not more mindful of this earlier in her career.”

Warren also met with leaders from Cherokee Nation to apologize in person, and The Post reports that “her apology was meant to include identifying herself as Native American at the University of Pennsylvania and at Harvard University, as well as marking herself as a minority with the Association of American Law Schools.”

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