CNN, CBS polls show overwhelming positive response to Trump’s SOTU address

On Tuesday evening, President Donald Trump gave his second State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress.

Trump touched on a number of topics during his speech. He began his speech by discussing the greatness of America and then struck a bipartisan tone, talking about the need for Republicans and Democrats to work together.

The president then moved onto the economy, touting the strong economic indicators and last month’s jobs report, which showed the more than 300,000 jobs were created in January.

Infrastructure, national security, the need for a barrier on the southern border as well as proposing partial birth abortion were all also topics Trump discussed during Tuesday evening’s address.

Trump’s speech must have hit a cord with many as CBS and CNN polls immediately after the speech showed an overwhelming positive reception.

According to CBS, 76 percent approved of Trump’s speech, including more than 80 percent of Independents.

Oddly enough,CNN showed showed the exact same number with 76 percent giving their approval to Trump’s Tuesday evening speech.

Here are some clips of President Trump’s State of the Union Speech:

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