VIDEO: Cory Booker asks circuit judge nominee question, embarrasses himself

Neomi Rao is President Donald Trump’s selection to replace now Supreme Court Justice on the D.C. Circuit Court.

Like every other federal judge candidate, Rao has to be confirmed to by the U.S. Senate. However, before that can happen Rao has to be go before the Senate Judiciary Committee. She will be thoroughly asked about her past and any kind of writings.

A Yale graduate, Rao is currently the head of Office of Administration and Regulatory Affairs.  In addition to her current position, Rao is a former law professor at George Mason University and has worked in all three positions of our federal government, including as Associate Counsel and Special Assistant to former President George W. Bush.

On Tuesday, Rao went before the Senate Judiciary Committee and was asked questions about her past. One of the committee’s members, presidential candidate and New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker used the hearings as an opportunity to appeal to his far voter base and embarrassed himself in the process.

During the hearing Booker asks the woman whether she has ever had LGBTQ clerks. Rao has never been a judge, so therefore she’s never had judge clerks.

It might’ve been helpful Booker to actually do some research on the background on the people you’re going to grill and attempt to embarrass for your own selfish ambitions.

Additionally, to ask the sexual orientation of any prospective employee is incredibly illegal and Booker knows this, but when you’re trying to score political points and running for president, appeasing potential voters is all that matters.


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