NBC reporter says he was told to ‘learn to code’ on Twitter, responses are hilarious

Apparently, telling a journalist to learn a new skill is a form of harassment now.

Ben Popken, a senior business reporter for NBC, says he was told to “learn to code” by a “sketchy” account recently on Twitter.

Coding, of course, is the process of building a website by using very specific language such as HTML or CSS,  which when interpreted by a program, produces the data seen on websites. But for one journalist, this suggestion was one step too far and he decided he needed to take action.

The guy actually said the message was “abusive” and then implored his fellow journalists to “don’t stay silent, take a moment to report it.”

The guy’s response is over the top and ridiculous and the fact that he tries to act as if he’s so brave, makes it that much better.

Twitter then responded with hilarious scorn and sarcasm.


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