Nancy Pelosi bringing Planned Parenthood president to SOTU

Democrats will do anything and everything to protect abortion. It’s their holiest of sacraments and if they had their way  there would be absolutely zero restrictions placed on the killing of unborn children.

Understanding the Democratic Party’s obsession with abortion, they are extremely intertwined with Planned Parenthood. So, knowing this tight-knit relationship between these two organizations, it would only make sense that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would bring the president of Planned Parenthood as her guest to the State of the Union.

Following the news that the head of Planned Parenthood would be at the SOTU, the organization released the following statement:

“As an immigrant, a mother, a doctor, and the president of Planned Parenthood, I am honored to attend the State of the Union as the guest of Speaker Pelosi — who throughout her illustrious career has been a staunch champion for women’s rights, immigrant rights, voting rights, and universal access to health care.

“Last November, American voters — particularly women and women of color — sent a clear message:  we want our elected representatives to protect and expand access to reproductive health care, including the right to safe, legal abortion. Planned Parenthood  is proud to have Speaker Pelosi’s leadership of a pro-reproductive health House of Representatives. And we look forward to working with her to advance a pro-women, pro-family, and pro-economy agenda that affirms health care as a fundamental human right, and women’s rights—and all people’s rights—as human rights.”

Leanna Wen joined Planned Parenthood in November 2018.


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