Melania Trump’s special guest at the SOTU will be a boy bullied because his name is Trump

Joshua Trump has been bullied at school ever since the 2016 election simply because his last name is Trump. The teen is not related to the Trump family.

His mother wrote on Facebook, “my son used to ride bus 35 and I recently switched him to bus 36….because he was being punched and bullied all because of his last name…which is Trump.”


According to USA Today, the school was taking measures to prevent the incidents, asking teachers not to use his last name in class.

At one point the family thought about changing their names.

Joshua was awarded the Teach Anti Bullying Medal of Courage from the Teach Anti Bullying national non-profit.

He will sit with First Lady Melania Trump during the State of the Union Address tonight and is one of thirteen guests. The First Lady’s “Be Best” initiative focuses on bullying prevention.

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