Fox News’ Dana Perino makes queso, internet and Chili’s respond

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots won yet another Super Bowl yesterday. The Los Angeles Rams and the rest of America lost.

Anyone who was able to sit through that entire bore of a game could easily tell you it won’t exactly go down as one of the most memorable Super Bowls. However, if you attended a Super Bowl party, hopefully the food was better than the game.

Let’s just hope you didn’t attend the same Super Bowl party as Fox News’ Dana Perino.

That’s because “The Daily Briefing” and “The Five” host made queso Sunday and posted a photo of her creation on social media. Let’s just say the appearance of her dip is not exactly going to have people running coming back for seconds.

The internet and even Chili’s restaurant responded and she appeared to be a good sport about all the ribbing her received over her dip.

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