PETA upset at Big Boi for Super Bowl halftime show

PETA is a leftist organization that, for some reason, believes they have a right to tell people what to do. They don’t want people to eat meat, drink milk or wear fur of any kind. The […]


Dems block Sen. Sasse infanticide ban bill

To many Democrats abortion and protecting abortion is a top priority.  It’s becoming increasingly clear that any and all attempts to put restrictions on the “procedure” will be met with the fire and fury of […]

Michael Moore on MSNBC: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the leader of the Democratic Party

Michael Moore is a documentary filmmaker who has made millions of dollars while criticizing capitalism, Republicans and the rich. Last year, Moore released “11/9,”  his most recent film, which examines the current all of the […]

Fox News’ Dana Perino makes queso, internet and Chili’s respond

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots won yet another Super Bowl yesterday. The Los Angeles Rams and the rest of America lost. Anyone who was able to sit through that entire bore of a […]