Virginia Gov. Northam now says it wasn’t him in the photo

Amid cries of resignation, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam is now denying it was him in the yearbook photo of two students dressed in blackface and as a KKK member.

During an hour long news conference at the governor’s mansion, Northam said “”I believe now and then that I am not either of the people in this photo. This was not me in that picture. That was not Ralph Northam.”

He also said he was never drunk enough to forget something like that but does remember darkening his face once to resemble Michael Jackson during a dance contest.

“I had the shoes, I had a glove, and I used just a little bit of shoe polish to put under my — or on my — cheeks,” he said at the press conference. “And the reason I used a very little bit is because, I don’t know if anybody’s ever tried that, but you cannot get shoe polish off.” He added: “I look back now and regret that I did not understand the harmful legacy of an action like that.”

When reporters asked who was in the photo, Northam replied he’d only seen the photo for the first time yesterday and after having time to look at the photo in detail, decided it wasn’t him.

Despite the press conference, Virginia Democratic Party are still asking for him to resign.

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