Cory Booker releases first campaign ad

This morning, Cory Booker officially announced he’s running for President by posting on Twitter and releasing his first campaign ad.

In the ad, Booker tells supporters “I believe that we can build a country where no one is forgotten, no one is left behind. It is not a matter of can we, it’s a matter of do we have the collective will, the American will? I believe we do.”

Watch the video below.

“The history of our nation is defined by collective action, by interwoven destinies of slaves and abolitionists, of those born here and those who chose America as home, of those who took up arms to defend our country, and those who linked arms to challenge and change it,” he says.

“Together, we will channel our common pain back into our common purpose,” he adds. “Together, America, we will rise.”

According to USA Today, Booker will hold a press conference later today.


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