TV producer loses job after putting ‘Known cheater’ next to Tom Brady’s name

The New England Patriots play the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday. The Patriots will be the odds on favorites.Tom Brady is yet again set to play in and likely win another Super Bowl.

Like him or love him, Tom Brady is a winner and is likely the greatest to have every played the game of football. Some would say that Peyton Manning or Joe Montana or maybe even someone else is better.

However, no matter whatever he does people will hate Tom Brady for one reason or another. Whether it’s because him and the Pats consistently win and win Super Bowls or it’s the allegation that Brady was accused of deflating footballs in a playoff game against the Indianapolis Colts, Tom Brady will be hated and called names. One of the most common names assigned to Mr. Brady is “cheater.”

A Pittsburgh TV producer lost his job after putting “known cheater” next to Tom Brady on television.

Was it wrong, juvenile and unprofessional? Yes, of course it was all of those things. Did he deserve to lose his job? Probably. But was it pretty funny? Absolutely.

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