WATCH: Virginia governor defends bill allowing abortion right up until birth

The state of Virginia appears to be following in New York’s footsteps.

Last week, the Empire State passed a bill that would allow a woman to get an abortion right until the baby is delivered. Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo then signed the bill into the law and promptly celebrated.

Well, now on Monday, a Democratic delegate Kathy Tran, introduced that would do the exact same thing in Virginia.

As outrageous as Ms. Tran’s bill and her following answers on the life of the unborn, it got much, much worse.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, a Democrat, not only defended the bill allowing the murder of unborn children right up until they are born, he took it a step further. He said that a woman and her family should “have a discussion” even after the child is born. He is essentially advocating for the murder of a child. How did we ever to this point?


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