New York passes more gun control laws

New York governor Andrew Cuomo signed several new gun control measures into law, making the state even more restrictive to Second Amendment rights.

The new laws will ban bump stocks (which the Trump administration already banned in December), prohibit teachers from carrying guns in school, and increases the waiting period for potential gun buyers who do not immediately pass the instant background check.

Cuomo made a statement about the laws, saying “Sometimes history irrefutably bears out your actions. Today is the next evolution in this ongoing crusade.”

Republicans unsurprisingly did not support the measures, but were overwhelmingly outvoted by state Democrats.

Interestingly enough, the United States Supreme Court will hear a case this fall about gun laws in New York City. Liberals are already worried about how the court will rule, saying this case could expand Heller.

The Court has not heard a gun rights case since 2010 and may strike down a New York City law which prohibits gun owners who legally own their firearms from transporting them outside the home, even to the gun range.


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