Elizabeth Warren responds to Howard Schultz after he criticizes her tax plan

Elizabeth Warren likes taxes and she’s running for president, so it makes sense that she would come out with a plan to tax the country’s wealthiest people.

Over the weekend, Warren complained about a billionaire buying a yacht with a theater. Oh the horror!

Also, over the weekend former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz announced that he’s considering a presidential run as an independent. This was just too much for Democrats to handle. The outrage began immediately!

Now, Elizabeth Warren is upset about a possible run from the billionaire CEO. Apparently, she’s worried that he’ll end her campaign before it inevitably crashes and burns on its own.

Schultz criticized Warren’s tax plan, calling it ridiculous and that it would never pass. Well, Warren just wasn’t going to stand for that and tweeted her response, calling it “ridiculous” for a billionaire to think he can buy the presidency.

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