President Trump attacks Fox News over border wall funding, anchor responds

President Donald Trump on Friday ended the longest government shutdown in history.

He held a media availability in the Rose Garden at the White House to announce that a deal to open the government for three weeks had been reached with congressional Democrats.

As part of the deal to open the government, President Trump did not get any funding for his much-promised and campaigned on border wall, which was supposedly the reason for the government shutdown.

Now, Trump and Congress have until Feb. 15 to reach an agreement or the government will once again shutdown.

Several have said President Trump caved into Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats as he got absolutely no funding for his wall, barrier, steel slats or whatever he’s calling it now.

Well, Trump as he normally does, tweeted about the media on Monday, slamming some of the coverage he’s been getting over funding for his border wall. Surprisingly, Trump even lashed out at one of his favorite news source, Fox News.

Julie Banderas, an anchor at Fox News, responded to Trump’s twitter attack on her colleagues and network.


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