NBC’s Tom Brokaw getting criticized for comments on Hispanics

Tom Brokaw has been around a long time and is definitely a member of the liberal media. I mean the guy works for NBC, so you’re likely not to even get an interview unless you demonstrate adherence to a number of liberal/Democratic positions.

That’s why Brokaw’s comments Sunday on “Meet The Press” were likely so shocking. Brokaw was discussing the changing demographics of America and Hispanics.

At one point, NBC’s senior news correspondent said Hispanics need to work harder at assimilating in America, make sure that all of their kids are learning to speak English and not be codified in their own communities.

Naturally, people freaked out over Brokaw’s statements and he immediately began catching heat for that comment on Hispanics.  He tweeted out an apology but that didn’t seem to do much in calming down people.

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