New York may soon be providing college aid for undocumented immigrants

On Wednesday, New York lawmakers approved The Dream Act, which will provide millions of tax dollars to undocumented immigrants seeking a college education. The bill now heads to governor Andrew Cuomo’s desk to sign.

According to the Buffalo News, Cuomo said he looks forward “to finally making (the Dream Act) law for all New Yorkers this year.”

Democratic State Sen. Luis Sepúlveda, who sponsored the bill, said “This is one piece of legislation where we must get beyond the anti-immigration fervor created by President Trump and see the benefits educating these young people has for our state.”

From The Buffalo News:

The measure requires that college students who are undocumented immigrants and seeking state college aid must have either attended a high school in New York for two or more years, or graduated from a New York high school and applied to college within five years of their high school graduation. Those with a New York high school equivalency diploma are also eligible. It will cover awards up to the tuition and fees charged by public colleges in New York.

Undocumented students applying for the aid also must file an affidavit with the college that they are seeking to legalize their immigration status “or will file such an application as soon as he or she is eligible to do so,” the legislation states.

GOP representation in New York opposed the legislation with Republican State Sen. James Seward telling The New York Times, “How am I supposed to tell families in my Senate district that adequate state aid to help afford college isn’t available for them, but it is available for others who are in this country illegally?”

California, Texas, New Mexico, Washington, Oregon and Minnesota all have similar legislation in place.



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