Trump responds to criticism after reopening government with no wall funding

On Friday afternoon President Donald Trump announced that a deal had been reached with congressional Democrats to reopen the government.

Both houses of Congress quickly passed the legislation Friday with Trump signing the continuing resolution to fund the government into law Friday evening.

When speaking in the Rose Garden Friday afternoon, Trump went on and on about border security, the need for a barrier and the massive amount of drugs that cross into the United States. However, one thing Trump didn’t mention was any funding for his border wall that this new deal had given him. And there is a perfectly good reason why he didn’t say anything about that, because he received none.

Immediately after this pronouncement, many began declaring that Trump essentially caved to Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats. However, Trump doesn’t quite see it that way or at least he doesn’t way you to look at it that way. Trump responded to the idea that he gave into the Democrats’ demand on Twitter.

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