Bill Maher on Covington Catholic High School student: ‘I blame that f**king kid’

Last Saturday, social media and every news organization in America erupted when it appeared that several teenagers had instigated a confrontation with a Native American playing a drum.

To be honest, at first glance, it didn’t look good.  In the immediate aftermath, the kids were called racist and bigots by news liberals all across the social media.

However, as in most cases, the media rushed to judgment. Videos soon began popping up online that showed most people’s initial reaction was wrong. That there were some racial slurs being thrown around but not by the kids in the MAGA hats and the Native American man approached the kids and began beating his drum in the teen’s face.

While were forced to delete tweets and change stories in their rush to judgment after getting a more complete picture and more of the facts.

However, that hasn’t stopped liberal comedian and host of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” Bill Maher. He used his opening monologue Friday evening to give his thoughts on the whole thing and say who he believes is really at fault.

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