REPORT: Bernie Sanders set to announce 2020 presidential bid

The Democratic presidential field is about to get another candidate.

Vermont Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders will soon announce his intentions to run for President of the United States. It’s being reported that the self-declared democratic socialist will first launch a presidential exploratory committee.

Apparently, an announcement is said “to be imminent” as the Sanders campaign has already started the process of hiring campaign staff.

While he is not a Democratic senator, he does caucus with the Democrats and a report from Yahoo says he would, again, run for president on the Democratic ticket.

In 2016, Sanders did give the eventual Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, all she could handle. He came at Clinton from the far left, picking up a number of states during the Democratic primary, before bowing out and endorsing Clinton for president.

This time around Sanders will be starting from a much different spot. His name recognition will be a lot higher and the Democratic Party has moved much further to the left, thanks in large party to Sanders 2016 campaign.



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