InfoWars’ Kaitlin Bennett harasses a child after Women’s March

Kent State gun girl is at it again, this time getting in the face of a child after the Women’s March last weekend.

In the video, which she posted on her Twitter and Instagram, Bennett approaches a father and his child and begins asking the kid if they know what the number one cause of death for children in the United States is. She then informs them it’s abortion.

One the members of her group can be heard telling the child in the background “your daddy would have killed you if he had the chance.”

The dad is not happy – and rightfully so. His comments aren’t totally appropriate either as he states he would have supported a late term abortion for her. But she never should have gone up to his kid and scared it like that.

Yell at adults all you want, but approaching and harassing an underage child that probably doesn’t even understand what’s going on? Classless.

Not to mention, this does nothing to advance the pro-life cause. I’ve criticized Bennett before for sexualizing guns, as she often poses with them nearly naked, and I’m going to criticize her again for this. Kaitlin, you are making conservatives look bad.

The same day, she also got kicked out of a church for harassing clergy members.

Pro-lifers are often labeled as religious zealots who cause disturbances outside abortion clinics and Bennett’s stunt here plays right into that stereotype that the pro-choice crowd has of us. We will never gain any ground or even get a platform to speak about the Constitutional inherent right to life this way.

The only reason for a stunt like this is to get attention and clicks. She’s definitely not changing anyone’s minds with this approach.

If you’re on the side of life, don’t follow Bennett’s example. In fact, do the opposite.

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