Ann Coulter says Trump is ‘biggest wimp to serve as President of The United States’

On Friday afternoon, after 35 days, President Donald Trump announced that he had reached a deal with congressional Democrats to end the partial government shutdown.

Trump said the government would be reopened for three weeks, until Feb. 15. President Trump also talked about the border, the need for increased border security, the large amount of drugs that crosses the southern border as well as the human trafficking associated with the southern border. But there was one major thing missing from President Trump’s Friday afternoon address to the media: funding for his much-promised border wall.

Apparently, in the deal that has been reached, there is no funding for the wall.

Well, one prominent, vocal Trump supporter, who has been critical of Trump as of late, really is not thrilled with the president now.

Ann Coulter turned to Twitter to voice her displeasure with President Trump.


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